¡Los Vega come to NY!


Attention EAST COAST jaranero community, we have GREAT news! Something unprecedented is coming next month, direct from México!

LOS VEGA are coming to NEW YORK!!!   Between March 7 and 17 there will be concerts, fandangos, workshops and many opportunities to spend time with these son jarocho icons..

Mark your calendars everyone! These are chances you can’t miss…

In the upcoming days we will be inviting you to participate in contests to WIN TICKETS TO A SPECIAL PRIVATE EVENT celebrating a movie they provided the soundtrack for.  Chances to WIN A FREE PRIVATE LESSON or series of classes will also be in play.  For the latest updates, stay connected to our our Facebook page…

THE EVENTS (subject to change, please check back often and join the Facebook event!)

Thursday March 7
6:00-8:30 Intro night, talk about son jarocho, Los Vega, the workshops and registration at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.

Saturday March 9
1-2:30pm Jarana at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.
2-3:30pm Requinto at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.
3:45-5:15pm Quijada at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.
5:30-7:00pm Zapateado & Leona at Terraza 7
9:30pm JARANA BEAT & LOS VEGA at Terraza 7 Train Café¡¡INCLUDES FANDANGO!!

Sunday March 10
2-3:15 Jarana en Terraza 7
3:30-4:45 Requinto en Terraza 7
5-6:15 Zapateado/Quijada en Terraza 7
6:30-8 Leona en Terraza 7

Monday March 11
5:30-9 Talleres with Radio Jarocho

Thursday March 14
6:00-7:30 Jarana  at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.
7:30-9:00 Requinto at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.

Wednesday March 15
6:00-7:30 Leona at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.
7:30-9:00 Quijada  at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.

Sábado 16 de marzo
1-2:30 Jarana at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.
2-3:30 Requinto at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.
3:45-5:15 Quijada at SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records Central.
5:30-7:00 Zapateado/Leona at Terraza 7

Each instrument has a series of 4 classes except zapateado for men.
Workshop prices:
$15 per individual class (drop-in)
$48 for one series (4 classes at $12/class)
$80 for two series (8 classes at $10/class)
$108 for three series (12 classes at $9/class)
$128 for fourseries (16 classes at $8/class)
(Does not include class(es) with Radio Jarocho)
All teachers will also be available to schedule  private lessons.

SonJarocho.MX/Jarana Records: 125 Stanhope Street, Brooklyn NY 11221
Casa Mezcal: 86 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002
Jalopy: 315 Columbia St Brooklyn, NY 11231
Terraza 7 Train Café: 40-19 Gleane Street, Queens, NY 11373

Radio JarochoTerraza 7 Train CaféSonJarocho.MXJarana Records

For more info call 917-288-9648 o 347-397-4731

See you soon ;)