Los Vega

For over five generations, the Vega family, originally from Boca de San Miguel, Tlacotalpan Veracruz, has brought great vitality to traditional Son Jarocho. They are one of those generational clans made up of parents, uncles, grandparents, friends, nephews and other relatives, and have undertaken the enormous responsibility of keeping the genuine musical expression of jarocho roots alive. The mainstay of the family is without doubt the requintero Don Andrés Vega, a member of the group Mono Blanco.

The band Los Vega began about nine years ago as a project seeking to preserve the musical tradition from Veracruz revitalizing it from day to day. Their proposal is aimed at the implementation of traditional tunes with their own versions of jarocho repertoire, as well as imparting a sound of their own.

During their career as a Son Jarocho group, Los Vega has made three recordings, the first “Sangre y Piel”, the second “Y Sigue la Tradición” and finally the most recent, “De a Montón”.

They have held many workshops to teach jarana, requinto, guitarra vozarrona and  zapateado, contributing to the preservation of this culture. The work of these popular musicians debt reminds us that today we must ensure that this legacy of Mexico stays alive throughout the generations to come.


You can find more information on Los Vega by visiting them here.

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